Infinite Scroll Template

 import logging
from flask import Flask, render_template
from import BaseApplication

from routes import create_app
app = create_app()

# Setup logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class StandaloneApplication(BaseApplication):
    def __init__(self, app, options=None):
        self.application = app
        self.options = options or {}

    def load_config(self):
        # Apply configuration to Gunicorn
        for key, value in self.options.items():
            if key in self.cfg.settings and value is not None:
                self.cfg.set(key.lower(), value)

    def load(self):

About this template

Any content can be instantly generated by scrolling - infinitely!

Introduction to the Infinite Scroll Template

The Infinite Scroll Template is a pre-built application that allows users to endlessly scroll through content, in this case, memes. As you scroll down, new content is dynamically loaded and displayed without the need for pagination. This template is perfect for builders looking to create an engaging user experience with infinite content loading.

Getting Started

To begin using this template, simply click on "Start with this Template" on the Lazy platform. This will set up the template in your Lazy Builder interface, pre-populating the code so you can start customizing and testing right away.

Initial Setup

No environment secrets are required for this template, so you can move on to testing the application.

Test: Pressing the Test Button

Once you're ready to see the template in action, press the "Test" button. This will deploy your application on the Lazy platform. If the code requires any user input, the Lazy CLI will prompt you to provide this information after pressing the Test button.

Entering Input

This template does not require any user input through the CLI. All interactions are handled through the web interface provided by the template.

Using the App

After deployment, you will be provided with a dedicated server link to access your application. Navigate to this link to interact with your infinite scroll meme application. You can search for specific memes using the search bar, refresh the content with the refresh button, and enjoy the infinite scroll functionality as you browse through the memes.

Integrating the App

If you wish to integrate this infinite scroll functionality into another service or frontend, you can use the provided API endpoint to fetch memes. Here's a sample request you might use to interact with the meme API:

  .then(response => response.json())
  .then(data => console.log(data));

And a sample response from the API might look like this:

  "success": true,
  "data": {
    "memes": [
        "id": "181913649",
        "name": "Drake Hotline Bling",
        "url": "",
        "width": 1200,
        "height": 1200,
        "box_count": 2
      // ... more memes ...

For further customization or integration, refer to the documentation provided by the API at

Remember, all deployment and server management is handled by Lazy, so you can focus on building and integrating your application without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Last published
July 20, 2024

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