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Selenium Web Scraper Youtube Channel

This app uses Selenium to navigate directly to the specified YouTube channel URL, goes to the "Videos" tab, scrolls down until a specified number of videos are found, retrieves the list of these videos on the channel, and prints the collected video data in the console. The app also handles errors during the extraction of videos and prints the progress of the number of videos data that is being collected throughout the app lifecycle. The app requires the user to provide the URL of the YouTube channel and the maximum number of videos to collect data from in the console.


Stripe Webhook Test Sender

This app will send and test the mock webhook received from the Stripe API. Stripe Webhook test will print the data on the console.

Fast API

Website Stats App

The Website Stats App is a bot that provides detailed statistics about a given website. It visits the website, determines its load time, status, and security level. The app also handles errors for incorrect URLs, notifies the user if the website processing is taking some time, and alerts the user if the website is down or not reachable. Additionally, the app automatically posts updates on a Discord channel every 7 hours. If Discord credentials and channel ID for Discord are present, it will use that. The environment variables required for this app are: DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL, and WEBSITE_URL.


Weekly Jira Issue Count to Slack

This app fetches Jira issues that had status change in the last week, calculates the count of issues in different issue types, further breaks down each issue type by issue status, prepares a summary for it in form of a table using tabulate, posts the summary in a Slack channel, and schedules the app to run every time the server is started and then every week afterwards. The app requires the following environment variables to be set: - `JIRA_SERVER`: The URL of your Jira server. - `JIRA_USERNAME`: Your Jira username. - `JIRA_API_TOKEN`: Your Jira API token. - `JIRA_PROJECT_NAME`: The name of your Jira project. - `SLACK_TOKEN`: Your Slack token. - `CHANNEL_ID`: The ID of the Slack channel where the summary will be posted.

Developer Tools Collection