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This text-to-app app is really impressive.
I just built an upvote site in 2 mins.
Ryan Hoover (Founder of ProductHunt)

I have been waiting for something like this for ever. i love it. I am blown away ... i LOVE this app and I want to be able to harness it to build some cool nightlife sites, innovative tools... NEVER BEFORE , have I seen something this exciting.


Came across Getlazy on Monday and after watching a couple of YouTube videos on my second attempt, using Tailwind CSS & SQLite, job done. Well the result of which would normally have taken me a day or two, took me literally one prompt!


wow lazy has improved ALOT since i first used it! Lazy might be the only company that actually listens to their customers. VS Code editor was the best change, it lets you download your projects so much easier!


Really respect to the support service. You really aren't left on your own and you are given a lot of support and help. Richard Hats off to you, you have earned this feedback more than once.


Very interesting!🔥Game-changer for web app development, revolutionizing the traditional process with creativity and fun.


Lazy AI makes creating full stack web applications much more accessible!


The tools that make app creation more intuitive and fun is a game-changer for my daily workflow. It opens up a world of possibilities for campaign innovation and audience engagement without needing extensive technical knowledge...


Lazy is awesome! It helped me a lot, the product is amazing. Congratulations on your launch!


As a tech enthusiast, I am intrigued and excited by the advent of a platform like Lazy AI. It truly opens a new door of possibilities by making software development more intuitive and accessible ... for those like me without a development background...

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