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From DataMilk to Lazy AI: Turning Months of Dev Work into Days

Peter Szalontay
May 30, 2023
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Just over a year ago, we found ourselves sitting in our typical DataMilk engineering meeting, feeling a familiar frustration. As a data science and engineering-focused company, we were accustomed to the rigorous, iterative, and time-consuming nature of building software. However, we couldn’t help but notice a recurring issue: nearly every project we undertook took at least two months to complete.

As data scientists and engineers, we love getting our hands dirty in complex, code-driven problems. But even for us, this was a big pill to swallow. The demand for AI was growing, and we couldn't scale our product at the pace we wanted, given our current methods and resources. We knew we had to find a more efficient way to deliver new features to our customers.

Then ChatGPT happened, we created an internal system that drastically sped up our project completion times. The solution was groundbreaking, reducing project durations from two months to just two days. The best part? We could achieve this impressive feat without relying on our engineering team entirely.

Suddenly, the realm of AI didn’t seem so daunting. Projects that had once loomed large and time-consuming could now be tackled quickly and efficiently. We began experimenting more, taking on more complex projects, and, most importantly, delivering solutions to our customers faster than ever before.

The transformation was thrilling. With this new system, we felt like we had found a golden ticket. It was as if we had tapped into a hidden realm of efficiency and agility that we hadn't even thought was possible.

But we didn't stop there.

We thought: if this tool has been such a game-changer for us, why not share it with the world? And that's when Lazy AI was born.

Lazy AI is our revolutionary tool that turns the traditional AI development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, you can create AI apps using just natural language, freeing you from the complex and time-consuming coding processes usually involved in AI app development. 

From two months to two days, we have redefined the timeline for AI app creation. We've gone from drowning in code to crafting solutions using everyday language. We've turned a tedious, drawn-out process into a simple, engaging, and swift task.

‍Our journey from DataMilk to Lazy AI has been an incredible adventure, filled with learning and growth. And now, we're inviting you to join us.

We're opening up the beta version of Lazy AI to a select number of users. We're giving you the chance to experience the simplicity and speed of Lazy AI firsthand. To see how you can transform your projects, your workflow, and possibly even your entire approach to AI development.

Sign up for access to the beta at and become a part of the Lazy AI revolution. Let's redefine AI development together!

We can't wait to see what you create. Welcome to Lazy AI, where we turn months into days.

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From DataMilk to Lazy AI: Turning Months of Dev Work into Days