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Lazy AI Product Update 10

Peter Szalontay
August 8, 2023
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Product Updates:

  1. Automatic Prod Deployments: Deploying to production is now automated, allowing for faster and more efficient updates.
  2. Updated DEV Schedulers: Our DEV schedulers now deploy more frequently, ensuring the latest updates are always available.
  3. BigQuery Ability Recognition: Lazy now recognizes the BigQuery ability, widening the range of possibilities for app development.
  4. Incognito Share Links Fix: An issue where publish app links were not working in incognito mode has been fixed.

What's Next:

  • Enhance App Sharing Experience: We're enhancing the user experience when sharing links to running apps so that users can access them under new sessions if they are published versions.
  • Enable Builders to Edit and See Images: Progress is being made to allow builders to edit app images and enable users to see them, enhancing the visual aspect of the building process.
  • Selenium Local Test Environment Creation: We're in the process of creating a local test environment with Selenium, enhancing our testing capabilities.

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Lazy AI Product Update 10