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Lazy AI Product Update 11 - New YouTube Video

Peter Szalontay
August 21, 2023
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Product Updates:

  1. First How To Video published - We demonstrate how to use Lazy to build a snake game web application using just words! Click here to watch.
  2. Safari Compatibility for Publish and Test Links: We've resolved the issues with Publish and Test links not working in Safari, ensuring a smooth experience across all browsers.
  3. Code-Complete Check for Builders: Builders are now informed when their app is not code-complete, enhancing the development process.
  4. App Images: We've added functionalities to autogenerate images, enable builders to edit images via chat, and show the backend image in both builder and user experiences. These improvements provide more control over the app's visual elements.

What's Next:

  • Library for Using Redis: Development is underway to create a library for using Redis, enhancing data storage and access capabilities within the Lazy environment.
  • Debug Data & Internal Processes Visibility: Plans are underway to enable developers to see internal processes and debug data, enhancing transparency and control over app behavior.
  • Marketplace Features: Initiatives include UX development for builders to fork apps in the marketplace hosted on, and for enabling builders to make a copy/fork of an app from the builder UI, empowering them with more control and creativity.

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Lazy AI Product Update 11 - New YouTube Video