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Lazy AI Product Update 2

Peter Szalontay
June 2, 2023
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Next Milestone: Alpha launch
Countdown: 8 days to go!

This week's Product Updates:

  1. Lazy_backend API: Our builder chat now features a powerful and intuitive API.
  2. Improved Response Structure: Our prompt templates have been fine-tuned for better user interactions.
  3. Enhanced Backend: We've created a robust backend for the “OS” that can respond efficiently to requests.
  4. Improved Communication: Our new PubSub Many-to-one-service facilitates seamless communication between deployed instances and Lazy-Backend.
  5. Cloud Deployment: The Lazy-Backend and Deployer are now running smoothly on Cloud Run.
  6. Database Tables: We've made significant progress on creating necessary database tables.
  7. UX/UI Enhancements: We've made major strides in improving the Lazy app's user interface and user experience, including a new sign-in feature.

What's Next:

  • Deploy the LLM backend on the cloud to start the stitching
  • Work on deployer to accept the OSAppCommands and also connect the PubSub for notifications from the apps to flow to the Lazy backend.

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Lazy AI Product Update 2