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Lazy AI Product Update 4 - Internal Only Alpha Launch

Peter Szalontay
June 13, 2023
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Achieved Milestone: Internal Only Alpha

Countdown:  LAUNCHED!

Product Updates:

  1. Internal Only Alpha: Launched! Deployed the Builder MVP for internal testing by Lazy engineers.
  2. Backend Improvements: Validated Firebase Auth tokens and added support for receiving user IDs via Authorization header. Modified database model for enhanced performance.
  3. UI/UX Improvements: Enhanced visibility of the test app button, improved split-screen functionality.
  4. App Deployment: Refined our deployment process, including automated runtime image building.
  5. Lazy Backend and Frontend UI: Released MVP versions and established an API for builder chat.
  6. API Endpoints: Created endpoints for listing existing apps and for creating/editing apps.

What's Next:

  • Internal Alpha Launch: Our community can look forward to a recorded internal Alpha showing how Lazy works soon.
  • Enhanced App Building Experience to ensure builders never lose their app progress due to unknown errors.
  • Builder Support: Laying the foundation to enable Lazy team members to support builders who may have questions or need help using Lazy.

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Lazy AI Product Update 4 - Internal Only Alpha Launch