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Lazy AI Product Update 8

Peter Szalontay
July 24, 2023
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Next Milestone: Private Beta Launch

Countdown: 7 days to go!

Product Updates:

  1. Improved BigQuery Ability: We've improved the BigQuery ability for a smoother user experience and eliminated the authentication window bug.
  2. Frontend Update: The Lazy frontend was improved to better support interaction and engagement with builders.
  3. Better Log Management: Our developers now have a simpler way to diagnose reported problems by looking at the logs, which will expedite issue resolution and enhance user experience.
  4. API App Development: We've made advancements in the development of simple API apps, broadening the range of functionalities available for

What's Next:

  • Autodeploy Frontend: A trigger for automatic frontend deployment is set up, enhancing our development efficiency.
  • Improved Text Formatting: The text formatting of app logic has been improved, enhancing the builder's user experience.
  • Anonymous Session Access: Users with anonymous sessions can now view the builder.

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Lazy AI Product Update 8