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Lazy Ai Product Update 9 - Private Beta Launch!

Peter Szalontay
August 1, 2023
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Milestone Achieved: Private Beta Launch

Countdown: LAUNCHED! 

Product Updates:

  1. Private Beta is LAUNCHED!: Lazy begins selecting and reaching out to people who submitted shortlisted idea(s) to test it in Lazy's private beta.
  2. LLM Backend Fix: We successfully addressed a problem with the LLM backend that was causing disruptions in production.
  3. Infrastructure Upgrades: We've addressed issues with app initialization and machine version reporting for an improved user experience.
  4. New Production Stack: A new Pulumi stack for production has been set up, paving the way for improved deployment and management of our infrastructure.
  5. Backend Updates: The backend now supports receiving user IDs via Authorization header and validating Firebase Auth tokens, ensuring secure user interactions.

What's Next:

  • Error Handling Improvement: Providing builders with more understandable errors when abilities run into problems. This is intended to make debugging and app development smoother.
  • App Improvements: App enhancements including the ability to stop and rerun apps, improved mobile view, and better app state transparency for end users.
  • Code Refactoring: Refactoring the code base to read database connection details from Google Secrets Manager via environment variables and to include both the development and production domains.

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Lazy Ai Product Update 9 - Private Beta Launch!