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Lazy templates deliver simplified app development for Google Docs. Lazy is a revolutionary software development tool that turns the traditional Google Docs development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create Google Docs apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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DocBot: The Google Docs Chatbot

An app for analyzing team documents, providing answers to questions, and displaying important information about its capabilities and restrictions.

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Jira Weekly Done Issues to Slack

This app provides a summary of completed Jira tasks posted to a specific Slack thread every week. It uses the Jira API to download closed tickets from the current week. The query filters for tickets with the status 'Done' and last updated this week. The ticket details, including the ticket URL, are posted to Slack in a single thread. The required environment variables are JIRA_DOMAIN, JIRA_EMAIL, JIRA_API_TOKEN, SLACK_TOKEN, and SLACK_CHANNEL.

Hello World App

A program that displays 'Hello, World!' on the screen

Webflow Collection Item Blog Post Draft API

The Webflow Blog Post Publisher is an app that provides an API endpoint to publish blog posts on Webflow as a draft. The API accepts all necessary information to create a blog post, including the Webflow API token. It also accepts extra fields that will be sent to Webflow as part of the fieldData. The name of the new item added to the collection will be the post_name provided in the request. The slug of the new item will be derived from the post_name by replacing spaces with underscores. The API accepts optional fields in the BlogPostData for extra_fields. All the optional fields will be part of the dictionary extra_fields. All the variables in the extra_fields are converted to kebab-case before they are passed into fieldData. The optional fields inside extra_fields variable are post_body, thumbnail_image, main_image, and post_summary. The app requires two environment variables to function properly: WEBFLOW_API_TOKEN and COLLECTION_ID. The post is linked with the collection in Webflow. The COLLECTION_ID environment variable is the ID of the collection in Webflow where the post will be added.

Get Address from Longitude and Latitude using Google Maps API (Google Reverse Geolocation)

An app for asking questions about location data based on latitude and longitude coordinates. This app allows to get address from longitude (long) and latitude (lat) using Google Maps API. Google reverse geolocation helps to get address from coordinates using Google Maps API.

Search Code Repository using GitHub API by Name or User

This application is a GitHub Code Search tool, employing Flask for the backend and JavaScript with the Octokit library for the frontend. Users can input search queries, and the application fetches results from GitHub's code repository using the GitHub API. The Flask backend handles the API requests, while the JavaScript frontend dynamically displays the search results in a table format. The application provides a user-friendly interface for efficiently searching and browsing code hosted on GitHub. You can search by name or by user by customizing this template. Made by BaranDev[]

Get Posts Using Facebook API

An app for fetching a Facebook user's posts using the Facebook API. This app uses the FastAPI to create an endpoint to call the Facebook API for getting user posts according to the user id and access token we provide the app. You can customize this app to get Facebook group posts as well.

In the evolving world of documentation the integration of Lazy AI templates into Google Docs marks a significant advancement, in improving user efficiency and unleashing creativity. These templates, driven by intelligence aim to simplify the process of creating documents and offer a multitude of advantages that cater to both professional needs.

1. Streamlined Document Creation

By automating document structure and formatting Lazy AI templates save users time and effort. Whether you're working on a business proposal conducting research or preparing a project report these templates provide a foundation that allows you to focus on content creation than getting caught up in formatting details.

2. Customization and Flexibility

Despite their name Lazy AI templates are far from lazy when it comes to functionality. They offer customization options enabling users to tailor documents according to their requirements. This flexibility ensures that the templates can be adapted for industries and individual preferences.

3. Improved Collaboration

Google Docs is renowned for its features and, with the integration of Lazy AI templates collaboration is taken further by ensuring all users start from a consistent baseline.

Teams can greatly improve their efficiency by utilizing AI templates, which help maintain a structure and format, across documents. This reduces confusion and enhances coherence when collaborating on projects.

4. Boosting Creativity and Inspiration

One of the advantages of Lazy AI templates is their ability to spark creativity. With a variety of templates for purposes users can explore new ways to present information tell stories or visualize data. This leads to compelling documents whether they are for educational, professional or personal use.

5. Promoting Accessibility and Inclusivity

Lazy AI templates in Google Docs are designed with accessibility in mind ensuring that a wide range of users including those with disabilities can easily work with them. By following practices for accessibility these templates create documents that're inclusive and ensure that content is accessible and understandable by all.

The integration of Lazy AI templates into Google Docs revolutionizes document creation. By combining the power of AI with the features of Google Docs these templates provide a path, to increased productivity, creativity and inclusivity. Whether you're a writer or student seeking to streamline your documentation process Lazy AI templates offer the tools to effortlessly create top notch documents.

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