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Lazy templates deliver simplified app development for Laravel. Lazy is a revolutionary software development tool that turns the traditional Laravel development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create Laravel apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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Login and Registration

This powerful app skeleton is a good starting place for apps that require login and registration

Fast API

How to Implement Stripe Payment Gateway in Laravel

To integrate a custom Stripe payment gateway in Laravel 8 or Laravel 9, you need both a backend and a frontend. This example template enables you to quickly set up the backend service. It is compatible with any price point you have established through the Stripe API. After adding the API key and directing the backend service to the price ID, you can activate the backend service by clicking the test button. Then, by integrating the Stripe frontend code into a Laravel component, you instantly create a custom payment page in Laravel. This method can be used to set up various types of payment pages in Laravel, including one-time payments and recurring subscriptions.


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Discord Auto Color Bot

This Discord bot is designed to automatically assign a random color to a user's role in a Discord server. The bot is triggered by the '!auto_color' command and can be used by an administrator. The color is randomly generated each time the command is used. The bot uses the Discord API and requires a Discord token to function. The Discord token should be provided as an environment variable named 'DISCORD_TOKEN'.

Twilio WhatsApp ChatBot Template (uses LLM prompt)

The WhatsApp Bot Builder app allows users to create a WhatsApp bot that responds to every message with "Hello World".

Web Based Chatbot with LLM

This powerful app skeleton is a great starting place suitable for creating a chatbot. It uses tailwind and llm.

Get Products with Prices using Stripe API

This app uses the Stripe API to get all products with prices. It includes a Flask web service with an endpoint for this purpose. The backend makes an API call to get all products with prices using the Stripe API. The app displays the list.

Get Address from Longitude and Latitude using Google Maps API (Google Reverse Geolocation)

This application is a web server built with FastAPI. It provides an endpoint /get_location that fetches location data based on latitude and longitude using the Google Maps API. When a POST request is made to the /get_location endpoint with latitude and longitude as form data, the application returns the location data in JSON format. The application requires a Google Maps API key to function. This key should be provided via the environment variable GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY


Not all apps require sophisticated code and many only require some interaction from inputs and run similarly to the interactions that would exist in a shell terminal. This powerful app skeleton can be suitable for these apps. Examples: * app that does some processing and just prints results or sends it to some server or storage. * app that does some data crunching, either from user input or from external sources and then posts something on other platforms. * app that transforms the data in some way and outputs it using some libs.