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Lazy templates deliver simplified app development for Twilio. Lazy is a revolutionary software development tool that turns the traditional Twilio development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create Twilio apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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WhatsApp ChatBot (Twilio, InstantChat)

Build a WhatApp chatbot using Twilio, Discord and LazyAI.


WhatsApp Bot Builder

The WhatsApp Bot Builder app allows users to create a WhatsApp bot that responds to every message with "Hello World".


Receive SMS with Twilio SMS API

This app allows users to receive SMS messages using the Twilio SMS API and generate custom responses based on the received message. Users can set a Twilio number to receive the SMS messages and customize responses for specific keywords or phrases. Users can use the URL endpoint generated from this app as a Webhook URL on their Twilio number's messaging configuration so that received messages can be forwarded to this app.


Phone Number Lookup with Twilio API

The Phone Number Lookup with Twilio API app allows users to input a phone number using a command line prompt. The app validates phone numbers in international format and uses the Twilio API to fetch information such as carrier and country. If a phone number is not found, the app outputs that the number does not exist. The app has been updated to use the latest Twilio API endpoints and handle any errors that may occur.


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A bot that answers questions about data

Ask questions about your database via a chat bot. This chatbot connects to a SQLITE database, generates queries for it based on the schema and then runs the queries printing the response all in a nicely styled chat UI. This template is pre-loaded with sample data (car parts) to play around with - here are the sample data columns that you can query: part_number, part_name, price, units_left_in_stock, manufacturer .

FALLBACK | Flask, HTML, JS and Tailwind Based Website

This is a good starting point for styled website. It has a header, footer and Tailwind loaded so you can build nice looking pages from here.

Discord Bot

This powerful app skeleton is a great starting place for a Discord bot

Machine Learning Model Evaluation Dashboard

A customizable Streamlit dashboard template for evaluating machine learning models with interactive elements and real-time visualizations. This comprehensive dashboard allows you to upload your dataset and evaluate it using various pre-trained machine learning models. You can select from models like Random Forest, SVM, and Logistic Regression. Adjust model parameters using interactive sliders and buttons. The dashboard provides real-time visualizations, including dynamic charts and confusion matrices, to help you interpret the results effectively. Ideal for data scientists and ML enthusiasts looking to quickly assess model performance.

Hello World App

A program that displays 'Hello, World!' on the screen

Discord Auto Role Bot with Assignment

This template provides an overview of the Discord auto role bot, a tool, for managing roles on Discord servers. It can automatically assign roles to users and new members when they join. This bot is especially handy for servers where role management can be time consuming. To use it you need to set the 'DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN' in the environment variables. The bot offers commands such as '!add_role <user>'; assigns a role to a user or the command author if no user is specified and 'on_member_join'; automatically gives members the 'New Member' role upon joining.