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Lazy templates deliver simplified app development for WhatsApp. Lazy is a revolutionary software development tool that turns the traditional WhatsApp development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create WhatsApp apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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GPT-4o Reminders WhatsApp bot

This bot uses GPT-4o to give Whatsapp-based reminders to people just by chatting.


WhatsApp ChatBot (Twilio, InstantChat)

Build a WhatApp chatbot using Twilio, Discord and LazyAI.


WhatsApp Bot Builder

The WhatsApp Bot Builder app allows users to create a WhatsApp bot that responds to every message with "Hello World".


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Get All Products with Shopify API

The Shopify Get All Products Downloader is a FastAPI application that connects to a Shopify store using the provided store URL and Shopify API credentials. It retrieves all products from the Shopify store and returns them in JSON format. The app also includes frontend JavaScript code that calls the backend API and downloads the products (all or from a specific collection) which can be used for your storefront. You need to provide SHOPIFY_API_KEY and SHOPIFY_ADMIN_API_TOKEN.

Pacman Game

A Flask API serving a Pacman game with a maze, ghosts, and a yellow circle - Pacman, that can be controlled using arrow keys.

Create a Custom Poll in Slack Account or Channel

This app allows users to create polls on Slack using the /poll command. It posts an interactive message with poll options in the channel where the command was invoked, captures users' responses, and updates the poll message to display the current anonymous results. Users can change their votes, and the app will update the poll results accordingly. The app requires SLACK_BOT_TOKEN and SLACK_APP_TOKEN for authentication and must be subscribed to interaction events to capture votes.

Web Based Chatbot with LLM

This powerful app skeleton is a great starting place suitable for creating a chatbot. It uses tailwind and llm.

Scrape Text From Website

A web app that allows users to input a URL and scrape the text from any webpage, displaying it in a formatted table along with the source URL and date scraped. Users can also download the table as a CSV file.

Set Default Payment Method in Stripe API

This app uses the Stripe API to set a default payment method for customers. It includes a Flask web service with an endpoint to create the default payment method. The backend makes an API call to set the payment method using the Stripe API. The app displays whether the API call was successful or not after submission.