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Lazy templates help developing apps for AI. Lazy is a revolutionary software tool that turns the traditional AI application development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create AI apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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Lazy Image to Video

Lazy Image to Video using stability ai to generate video clips based on their image to video model.

Stability AI

AI Query Generator Slack Bot for BigQuery

This app allows users to interact with a Slack bot, ask a question about the data in a table or request the table schema, and then uses the latest ChatGPT to generate a query that is executed on BigQuery to return the results. The app includes a retry mechanism for query generation in case of an error (up to two retries) and provides the LLM with the table info to generate more accurate queries. The table schema is only printed if it is successfully retrieved. All errors from retries are now passed to the LLM. The generated query is printed before the results, and the results are displayed in a pretty table format. The bot uses the Slack API to send and receive messages and parses the user's message to determine the action to take. The bot always responds in a thread to the original message.


PDF Chatbot

The PDF Chatbot app connects to uploaded PDFs and answers questions about them using AI.


Stock AI Advice

The bot requires certain permissions to function properly. These include the ability to read message history, send messages, and react to messages. The bot will generate stats such as This bot will provide ticker stats, commodity stats, Stock News and other AI Stock Trading Advice Please provide the Discord bot token in the Env Secrets tab under the name 'DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN' and your API Key for the Alpha Advantage


Web Based Chatbot with LLM

This powerful app skeleton is a great starting place suitable for creating a chatbot. It uses tailwind and llm.

React JS

AI Web scraper

AI Web Scraper A web app that uses google to generate a curated list of websites that can help solve specific problems or situations.


Machine Learning Model Evaluation Dashboard

A customizable Streamlit dashboard template for evaluating machine learning models with interactive elements and real-time visualizations. This comprehensive dashboard allows you to upload your dataset and evaluate it using various pre-trained machine learning models. You can select from models like Random Forest, SVM, and Logistic Regression. Adjust model parameters using interactive sliders and buttons. The dashboard provides real-time visualizations, including dynamic charts and confusion matrices, to help you interpret the results effectively. Ideal for data scientists and ML enthusiasts looking to quickly assess model performance.


Flash Card Generator

An app that generates flashcards based on user-provided topics using the OpenAI API.


Cooking Companion

AI powered cooking companion app. It provides recipes, answers cooking questions, and features a chat with AI chef.


Create a Poem With Your Own Words - AI Poem Generator

The AI Poem Generator is an online web application that allows users to create personalized rhyming poems yourself for the loved ones with your own words (with their names and on any theme).


Prompt Generator Template

This application employs Flask for the backend and JavaScript for the frontend. It enables users to generate custom prompts by providing details and selecting a prompt type. The backend receives the user input, constructs a prompt, and sends it to a language model (LLM) for further processing. The generated prompt is then returned to the frontend and displayed for the user. The interface allows users to copy the generated prompt for their use. Additionally, error handling ensures smooth operation even in case of failures during prompt generation. Made by BaranDev[]


AI Image Slideshow Generator

An app that uses AI to find the key points within a block of text and automatically generates an image for each point.


Text to Speech Converter

An application that takes in text and converts it to a downloadable audio file of the text being spoken by AI.


AI-Based Online SQL Query Code Generator

This AI-powered application generates SQL queries code based on user retrieval requests. It helps generating SQL queries using natural language messages from users. This app allows for easier database management and helps to fulful data analytics requests.


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Backend Server

This skeleton is streamlined for creating backend services using FastAPI. It's an excellent choice for building microservices or APIs with minimal frontend requirements.

Member Counter Discord Bot

Welcome to the Member Counter Discord Bot template! This template offers you a made bot that can tally up the overall number of members, bots and non bot members within a Discord server. It also keeps track of member counts per role. This bot is ideal for server admins looking to monitor their communitys growth and demographics.

Send Message with WhatsApp API

An app for sending WhatsApp messages to individual numbers using the WhatsApp API. This app using the fastAPI to create an endpoint to call the WhatsApp API for sending messages to the phone numbers we provide through a WhatsApp Business Account Number.

Update Inventory Quantity with Shopify API

This app allows users to update inventory quantity of a product and to get inventory_level_id of a product in a Shopify store using API. Users can set the necessary environment variables, including the SHOPIFY_ADMIN_API_TOKEN to enable the app to access the store. The app has following end points: - An endpoint to adjust the inventory level of a product (`/update_inventory`). - An endpoint to get the inventory level ID of a product (`/get_inventory_level_id`).

Extract Metadata from Images

The app is a simple and user-friendly web application designed to upload images (photos or other pictures), extract their metadata online, and provide a download link for the metadata information in JSON format.

Add Chatbot to a Website

A chat interface where users can chat with an AI using the llm ability package on Lazy. This Flask website is meant to simulate a store with dummy data and an AI assistant that a user can talk to about anything using the chat floating button on the bottom right of the page. The chatbox maintains chat history and generates replies with the context of the chat.

Lazy apps can be helpful in the AI category by automating tasks and simplifying processes for users. These apps use artificial intelligence algorithms to understand user preferences and behavior, and then proactively suggest and perform tasks on behalf of the user. This can include tasks such as organizing emails, scheduling appointments, managing to-do lists, and even making recommendations based on user preferences.

Lazy apps can save users time and effort by taking care of mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more important and meaningful activities. Additionally, these apps can learn from user interactions and improve their suggestions and performance over time, providing a personalized and efficient experience.

In summary, lazy apps in the AI category can enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and provide a more convenient and personalized user experience.