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Lazy templates help developing apps for Collaboration. Lazy is a revolutionary software tool that turns the traditional Collaboration application development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create Collaboration apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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WebChatify: A web-based chat application that allows users to discuss and analyze website content using the llm system and a user-friendly interface powered by tailwind.

React JS

Slack Thread Summarizer App

This app listens for mentions in a Slack thread, excluding messages sent by bots and messages where the bot is mentioned. It then summarizes the thread using an LLM, providing a concise summary of 3 to 5 sentences. The summary is sent back to the same thread where the bot was mentioned. The app also improves the prompt given to the LLM, ensuring that the response consists of key takeaways in bullet points, is concise, and avoids repetition. It also handles errors when the app is mentioned directly without any thread.


Create a Custom Poll in Slack Account or Channel

This app allows users to create polls on Slack using the /poll command. It posts an interactive message with poll options in the channel where the command was invoked, captures users' responses, and updates the poll message to display the current anonymous results. Users can change their votes, and the app will update the poll results accordingly. The app requires SLACK_BOT_TOKEN and SLACK_APP_TOKEN for authentication and must be subscribed to interaction events to capture votes.


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Invite Tracker Discord Bot

This is a Discord bot that tracks and announces server member invites. It keeps a list of users invite codes and the number of times someone has joined using a certain code. It also sends a message in a discord channel when a user joins using an invite code or link.

Scrape Data from PDF using Python & Flask

This scraper tool extracts text from PDF files and displays it on a webpage. Built with Python and Flask. Upon running, users receive a link to access the website. Upload a text-based PDF, hit submit, and view the extracted data on an HTML page.

Snake Game

A powerful app skeleton for a browser based snake game

Discord Bot

This powerful app skeleton is a great starting place for a Discord bot


AsciiArtify: Convert images into ascii art.

Get & Read Email with GMail API

This Python script uses Flask to create a web application that connects to the Gmail API and retrieves the user's unread emails. The script defines two routes: "/" displays the user's unread emails, and "/oauth2callback" is the OAuth 2.0 callback URI. Following api keys need to be set as environment secrets to authenticate with google api: 1. CLIENT_ID 2. CLIENT_SECRET 3. REDIRECT_URI

Lazy apps can be helpful in the Collaboration category by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining communication and project management processes. Here are a few ways lazy apps can assist in collaboration:

  1. Task Automation: Lazy apps can automate routine tasks, such as sending reminders, updating calendars, or generating reports. This frees up time for team members to focus on more important and creative aspects of their work.
  2. Communication Streamlining: Lazy apps can integrate with various communication tools, such as email, chat platforms, or project management software, to centralize and streamline communication. This ensures that team members have access to all relevant information and can collaborate effectively.
  3. Project Management: Lazy apps can assist in project management by automating project tracking, assigning tasks, and monitoring progress. They can also generate reports and provide real-time updates, making it easier for teams to stay organized and on track.
  4. File Management: Lazy apps can help in organizing and managing files by automatically categorizing and tagging them based on content or metadata. This makes it easier for team members to find and access the files they need, improving collaboration and productivity.
  5. Collaboration Tools Integration: Lazy apps can integrate with popular collaboration tools like Trello, Asana, or Slack, allowing teams to work seamlessly across different platforms. This integration ensures that information is synchronized and accessible to all team members, regardless of the tools they prefer to use.

Overall, lazy apps in the Collaboration category aim to simplify and automate tasks, enhance communication, and improve project management, ultimately boosting productivity and efficiency within teams.