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Prompt Generator Template

This application employs Flask for the backend and JavaScript for the frontend. It enables users to generate custom prompts by providing details and selecting a prompt type. The backend receives the user input, constructs a prompt, and sends it to a language model (LLM) for further processing. The generated prompt is then returned to the frontend and displayed for the user. The interface allows users to copy the generated prompt for their use. Additionally, error handling ensures smooth operation even in case of failures during prompt generation. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]

Online ZIP to PDF Converter

This application utilizes Flask for the backend and JavaScript for the frontend to convert a ZIP file containing PDFs into downloadable PDFs with corresponding download links. Users upload a ZIP file through a form, triggering a POST request to the backend. The backend extracts the PDF files from the uploaded ZIP, generates download links for each PDF, and returns the links as a table to the frontend. The frontend then displays the table with the download links for each PDF file. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]

Search Code Repository using GitHub API by Name or User

This application is a GitHub Code Search tool, employing Flask for the backend and JavaScript with the Octokit library for the frontend. Users can input search queries, and the application fetches results from GitHub's code repository using the GitHub API. The Flask backend handles the API requests, while the JavaScript frontend dynamically displays the search results in a table format. The application provides a user-friendly interface for efficiently searching and browsing code hosted on GitHub. You can search by name or by user by customizing this template. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]

Firebase Authentication with Flask Backend

This application integrates Firebase authentication with a Flask backend. The firebaseconfig.js file initializes Firebase using the provided configuration fetched from the backend. It exports the initialized Firebase app and authentication object. The signedin.js file handles sign-in functionality on the client-side. It retrieves user information from session storage upon page load, displays it, and redirects to the sign-in page if the information is not found. It also handles sign-in and sign-out actions, making requests to the backend for authentication. The backend then interacts with Firebase to authenticate users, store user data in session, and handle sign-out requests. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]

Make Your Own Tic Tac Toe Game

This application is a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game implemented using Flask for the backend and JavaScript for the frontend. It offers two gameplay modes: against the computer and two players. The frontend provides a grid-based game board where players can make moves by clicking on cells. The backend serves the HTML template and handles requests, while the frontend logic manages game state, including checking for wins, draws, and resetting the game. Additionally, the application includes a menu for selecting game modes and a button to return to the menu or reset the current game. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]

Stripe API Testing

This application utilizes Flask for the backend and JavaScript with Stripe API for the frontend. It allows users to test various Stripe functionalities such as adding a card to a customer, creating a charge, and retrieving customer details. The backend interacts with the Stripe API using the stripe library, while the frontend provides a simple form for users to input their Stripe API secret and an optional customer ID. Upon submitting the form, the frontend sends a POST request to the backend, which then executes the specified tests and returns the results to be displayed on the page. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]

Get (List) All Repositories using GitHub API

This application utilizes Flask for the backend to fetch GitHub repositories of a specified user or organization. The frontend is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to provide a simple user interface for inputting the GitHub username or organization. Upon submission, the backend fetches the repositories using the GitHub API and renders the results dynamically on the frontend. Users can also reset the table to clear the displayed repositories. Additionally, error handling is implemented to handle cases where no repositories are found or there is an issue with the GitHub API token. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]

News API

The News API app allows users to select news categories and receive a list of 10 headlines from those categories. Made by Barandev[github.com/barandev]

Create Repository from Template using Github API

This app creates a GitHub repository using a template repository with user-defined environment variables. The user can add the template repository name and repository owner details as environment variables. They can also add the custom name they would like to give the new repository created from the template. The app uses FastAPI for making the api call to Github endpoints.

Fast API
What Should I Do

This Flask application serves a decision form page and analyzes decisions based on user input. Upon receiving form submission via the /analyze route, it extracts goals, preferences, and constraints provided by the user. Using the llm_prompt function from the abilities module, it generates a detailed prompt for analyzing the decision. The application then renders the decision form page with the analysis result displayed. Additionally, it utilizes the StandaloneApplication class from gunicorn.app.base to configure and run the Flask app as a standalone Gunicorn application. Made by BaranDev[https://github.com/BaranDev]