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Cool apps from community

WhatsApp Reminder bot
Create reminders for yourself by chatting with this bot and get notified in WhatsApp.
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Unlimited DALL-E-3-v2
Unlimited Dalle3 images with magic prompt
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Kyle The Shef
Discord Bot Website
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Data bot
Get answers about your business data from a chatbot
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Crypto Arbitrage Scraper
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AI Component Builder for website
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eCommerce store with Stripe payment
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Exam Generator
Upload a Past Exam, get a Future Exam!
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"It's awesome to see how they approach a project.. Right now, I believe Lazy Al to be a strongest Al to code program, with it's ability to not only use Python libraries. But also know when to ask the user for a spesific library to complete a task."

CharlieMcShane (Discord)

"getlazy is indeed a awesome platform. this project of mine usually takes around a week to get to this stage manually, using getlazy i did finish most of the work in a day... i plan to invite my team on the platform to finish the rest of the projects too."

tradingtycoon. (Discord)

"Just a daily message announcing lazy ai "IS" one of the best investments i've made into AI yet... just buy it worth every penny"

lux1eth (Discord)

"What’s up guys. New here as a paid member. Building a bot that can auto book something for me. Got in touch with lazy support last night and Richard helped me get through a hurdle. He’s awesome!"

frostybuk (Discord)

"Shoutout to the devs ... Amazing platform"

lukohorc (Discord)

"such a cool platform by the way, long live the sloths hehe"

N. (Discord)

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Templates from the community

YouTube to MP4 Converter

This app allows users to input a YouTube link and download it as an MP4 file (without sound)

Daily News Summarizer from Google Alerts RSS Feed

This app pulls news on demand from a Google Alerts RSS feed, and generates a short summary of the article using a language model. The app provides an interface for the user to request a generated article summary on demand. It filters articles to only include those published today. The user needs to provide the Google Alerts RSS feed URL for the app to run.

Lazy Image to Video

Lazy Image to Video using stability ai to generate video clips based on their image to video model.

Stability AI
PDF Chatbot

The PDF Chatbot app connects to uploaded PDFs and answers questions about them using AI.

Text to Speech Converter

An application that takes in text and converts it to a downloadable audio file of the text being spoken by AI.

AI Web scraper

AI Web Scraper A web app that uses google to generate a curated list of websites that can help solve specific problems or situations.

Simple Telegram Bot

Simple Telegram Bot is a simple example Telegram bot that can receive and send messages, and handle a custom command /hey which responds with "What's up?".

AI-driven Shopify navigation menu

This app learns from the way users browse to guess which product they might look at next. It gathers product lists from Shopify, a popular online store platform. When someone visits a page, the app records which page they visited and their unique user ID. The app then displays a rotating slider navigation menu (called a carousel) on the webpage, showing products it thinks the user might want to see next. With this approach, the app aims to improve the chances of users making a purchase by showing them products they are more likely to be interested in.


WebGen: A web development app that combines front-end and back-end skills to generate code based on user requests.

React JS

Lazy AI - Build full stack web apps with prompts and deploy to the cloud with one click with Lazy app with AI. Lazy AI is the #1 platform to build full stack apps with prompts using AI. Use prompts to build and modify web apps, AI agents, automations, chatbots and much more with AI.