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Lazy templates help developing apps for Productivity. Lazy is a revolutionary software tool that turns the traditional Productivity application development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create Productivity apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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PDF Data Extraction and Excel Transfer

An app for extracting name, phone number, and email data from PDF files and transferring it to Excel.


To-Do App

A great starting point for a feature-rich To-do List app. This skeleton supports adding, editing, deleting, and prioritizing tasks with due dates and reminders. It's built with Flask and SQLAlchemy, ensuring easy database management. The responsive UI is powered by Tailwind CSS, making it user-friendly and visually appealing. Perfect for creating a robust task management system with potential for further enhancements like project management and collaboration tools.


Versatile Input Form

Develop a versatile input form for users.


YouTube to MP4 Converter

This app allows users to input a YouTube link and download it as an MP4 file (without sound)


Notes App With Database

This app allows users to create their own notes. User can create , edit , delete and view their notes and can access them using database.



The Get Lazy application Launcher is used to launch and monitor your apps in a production environment - For paid subscriptions only.

Fast API

WebSolution Finder

WebSolution Finder: A web app that uses google to generate a curated list of websites that can help solve specific problems or situations.


Countdown Master

Countdown Master: A simple countdown timer app with customizable time settings and start/stop functionality.


Email Sender Pro

An app that generates and sends emails using a language model, allowing users to preview and customize the content and subject before sending.


Ethics Enclave

An app that generates moral votes based on ethical frameworks and provides explanations.

Fast API


A random quote generator app with an enticing colour theme

No items found.

Convert PDF to CSV File Format

An app that converts uploaded PDF files to CSV file format and allows for easy downloading of the converted file.


Convert PDF to Black and White (Grayscale)

An app that converts uploaded PDF files to black and white (grayscale) and allows for easy downloading of the converted file.


Convert PDF to Google Doc

This app allows users to upload PDF files and convert them into Google Docs. Users can upload a PDF file through a web interface, and the app will authenticate the user with Google. Once authenticated, the app will convert the PDF file into a Google Doc and save it to the user's Google Drive. The app provides a simple and user-friendly interface for uploading and converting PDF files.


Extract Text from PDF Images

This app allows users to upload a PDF file and extract text from both images and text content within the PDF. The extracted text is then uploaded to cloud storage, and a link to the file is returned. The app has been updated to prioritize text extraction from images and prevent duplication of content. The HTML response has also been enhanced with CSS to create a visually appealing page. Users can now download the result file using the link provided after the PDF file is processed.


Microsoft Outlook Email Sender App

This app will send an email from your Microsoft account. The recipient, subject, and content of the email are provided by the user. Needs you to generate an app specific password and enter as environment secret along with the username to work.

Microsoft Outlook

Timezone Explorer

An app that asks the user to input their timezone and shows the current date and time for the inputted timezone.


Multilingual Day Name App

This app will provide the name of the current day in 5 different languages.


Jira Task Name Formatter

This app takes a task description and formats it to follow a specific pattern for Jira task names. The user can enter task names that need to be converted.


Jira Weekly Summary

This app provides a weekly summary of completed Jira tasks. It requests the user's Jira domain, email, and API token, and uses the Jira API to download closed tickets from the past week. The query filters for tickets with the status 'Done' and last updated between the start and end of the current week.


DayWeekMonth App

This app will provide the current day, week and month of the year.


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Scrape Data from PDF using Python & Flask

This scraper tool extracts text from PDF files and displays it on a webpage. Built with Python and Flask. Upon running, users receive a link to access the website. Upload a text-based PDF, hit submit, and view the extracted data on an HTML page.

Basic Telegram Bot

A good starting point for a telegram bot.

Online ZIP to PDF Converter

This application utilizes Flask for the backend and JavaScript for the frontend to convert a ZIP file containing PDFs into downloadable PDFs with corresponding download links. Users upload a ZIP file through a form, triggering a POST request to the backend. The backend extracts the PDF files from the uploaded ZIP, generates download links for each PDF, and returns the links as a table to the frontend. The frontend then displays the table with the download links for each PDF file. Made by BaranDev[]

Receive SMS with Twilio SMS API

This app allows users to receive SMS messages using the Twilio SMS API and generate custom responses based on the received message. Users can set a Twilio number to receive the SMS messages and customize responses for specific keywords or phrases. Users can use the URL endpoint generated from this app as a Webhook URL on their Twilio number's messaging configuration so that received messages can be forwarded to this app.

FALLBACK LATEST 1 THEME | Flask, HTML, JS and Tailwind Based Website

This is a good starting point for styled website. It has a header, footer. Has Tailwind and Flowbite loaded so you can build nice looking pages from here.

CodeLine Counter

This application processes zip files and displays code file details in a visually appealing table format.

Lazy apps can be helpful in the Productivity category by providing efficient and time-saving solutions for various tasks. Here are a few ways lazy apps can enhance productivity:

  1. Automation: Lazy apps can automate repetitive tasks, such as organizing files, sending emails, or scheduling appointments. By automating these tasks, you can save time and focus on more important work.
  2. Task Management: Lazy apps can help you manage your tasks and prioritize them effectively. They can provide reminders, notifications, and even suggest the best time to complete certain tasks based on your schedule and preferences.
  3. Smart Assistant Integration: Lazy apps can integrate with smart assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, allowing you to control various tasks using voice commands. This hands-free approach can save time and make multitasking easier.
  4. Simplified Workflows: Lazy apps can streamline complex workflows by providing intuitive interfaces and eliminating unnecessary steps. They can help you complete tasks more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required.
  5. Information Aggregation: Lazy apps can gather information from various sources and present it in a consolidated and easily accessible format. This can help you stay updated on important news, events, or industry trends without having to search for information manually.
  6. Focus and Distraction Management: Lazy apps can help you stay focused and minimize distractions. They can block certain websites or apps during specific times, limit screen time, or provide tools for concentration and mindfulness.

Overall, lazy apps aim to simplify and optimize your daily tasks, allowing you to be more productive and efficient in your work and personal life.