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Lazy AI Product Update 5

Peter Szalontay
July 4, 2023
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Next Milestone: Private Beta Launch

Countdown: 28 days to go!

Product Updates:

  1. Simplified Service Settings: A more streamlined Settings approach, boosting the efficiency of the interface.
  2. Efficient Local Testing: Introduced a PubSub emulator for Lazy Developers, enhancing the local testing process and overall code quality.
  3. Build Test Automation: Implemented a git check to automate the building of all service images, reinforcing the robustness of our codebase.
  4. Abilities Authentication Documentation: Provided comprehensive guidelines on testing abilities-authentication, ensuring clarity and understanding for our developer community.
  5. Code Generation Enhancement: Addressed and rectified issues with invalid Python code generated by Lazy using pylint, improving the quality of automated code generation.

What's Next:

  • App Publishing: Enabling builders to privately publish their apps.
  • Enhanced User Interactions: Optimizing the user experience by improving app load times and output message order.
  • User Support: Implementing mechanisms to assist builders and offer support.
  • Private Beta Launch Preparations: Preparing for the launch of the Private Beta, inviting selected builders and initiating critical feedback rounds.

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Lazy AI Product Update 5