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Lazy templates deliver simplified app development for Webflow. Lazy is a revolutionary software development tool that turns the traditional Webflow development process on its head. Using Lazy AI, developers can create Webflow apps using just prompts, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes.

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Infinite Scroll Template

Any content can be instantly generated by scrolling - infinitely!

React JS

Integration of Stripe Checkout Page in Webflow

To integrate a custom Stripe checkout page in Webflow, you need both a backend and a frontend. This template enables you to quickly set up the backend service. It is compatible with any price point you have established through the Stripe API. After adding the API key and directing the backend service to the price ID, you can activate the backend service by clicking the test button. Then, by integrating the Stripe frontend code into a Webflow page, you instantly create a custom payment page in Webflow. This method can be used to set up various types of payment pages in Webflow, including one-time payments and subscriptions.


Webflow Collection Item Blog Post Draft API

The Webflow Blog Post Publisher is an app that provides an API endpoint to publish blog posts on Webflow as a draft. The API accepts all necessary information to create a blog post, including the Webflow API token. It also accepts extra fields that will be sent to Webflow as part of the fieldData. The name of the new item added to the collection will be the post_name provided in the request. The slug of the new item will be derived from the post_name by replacing spaces with underscores. The API accepts optional fields in the BlogPostData for extra_fields. All the optional fields will be part of the dictionary extra_fields. All the variables in the extra_fields are converted to kebab-case before they are passed into fieldData. The optional fields inside extra_fields variable are post_body, thumbnail_image, main_image, and post_summary. The app requires two environment variables to function properly: WEBFLOW_API_TOKEN and COLLECTION_ID. The post is linked with the collection in Webflow. The COLLECTION_ID environment variable is the ID of the collection in Webflow where the post will be added.


Discord Server Member Count Web Component

A web component that displays the member count of a Discord server and can be embedded in a Webflow website. The member count is fetched from an API endpoint, and the web component is served through another API endpoint.

Fast API

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FALLBACK | Flask, HTML, JS and Tailwind Based Website

This is a good starting point for styled website. It has a header, footer. Has Tailwind and Flowbite loaded so you can build nice looking pages from here.

Send & Post Message to Slack using API

A Rest API that sends personal messages to Slack, supporting both direct private messages to user and posting messages in threads.

Discord Welcome Bot

This bot will be designed to perform a single task on Discord, which is to welcome new users with a unique poem. The bot requires two environment variables to function properly: DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN (the token of your Discord bot) and WELCOME_CHANNEL_ID (the ID of the channel where the bot will send welcome messages).

Reaction Roles Discord Bot

The Discord bot can manage multiple user roles based on reactions to a specific message. The reaction-role mapping is included directly in the code for easy editing by the builder.

Selenium App

Use this skeleton if you need to use Selenium to build the app. Example: if the user needs to write an end to end test or an automation test or a regression test or a functional test or crawl a website when it needs to do some sophisticated steps e.g. clicks, page element.


GreetingBot: A discord bot that welcomes new members to your server.

Webflow is a web design and development platform that allows users to create responsive websites without the need for coding. It provides a visual interface where you can design and customize your website using a drag-and-drop editor.

One of the key features of Webflow is its ability to generate clean and semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in the background, making it a powerful tool for both designers and developers. This means that you have full control over the design and layout of your website, while also having the flexibility to add custom code if needed.

Webflow offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and components that you can use as a starting point for your website. These templates are fully customizable, allowing you to create a unique and professional-looking site. Additionally, Webflow provides a variety of integrations with popular tools and services, such as CMS platforms, e-commerce solutions, and analytics tools.

Another notable feature of Webflow is its ability to create and manage dynamic content. With Webflow CMS, you can easily create and update content on your website, making it ideal for blogs, portfolios, and other content-driven sites.

Webflow also offers hosting services, so you can publish your website directly from the platform. It provides fast and reliable hosting, SSL certificates, and automatic backups to ensure your website is secure and always accessible.

Overall, Webflow is a powerful and user-friendly platform that empowers designers and developers to create beautiful and functional websites without the need for coding knowledge.