Create Your Own Pacman Game

 from flask import Flask, render_template

app = Flask(__name__)

def root_route():
    return render_template('pacman.html')

if __name__ == "__main__":"", port=8080)

About this template

A retro-style Pacman game with dynamic gameplay, collision detection, win condition, and high score display.

Introduction to the Pacman Game Template

Welcome to the Pacman Game Template! This template provides you with a fully functional retro-style Pacman game that you can customize and deploy using the Lazy platform. The game features dynamic gameplay, collision detection, a win condition, and a high score display. Whether you're looking to create a fun project or add a game to your website, this template is a great starting point.

Getting Started

To begin using this template, simply click on "Start with this Template" on the Lazy platform. This will pre-populate the code in the Lazy Builder interface, so you won't need to copy, paste, or delete any code manually.

Initial Setup

There's no need to worry about environment variables for this template, as it doesn't require any. Lazy handles all the deployment details, so you can focus on building your application.

Test: Deploying the App

Once you're ready to see your Pacman game in action, press the "Test" button. This will begin the deployment process and launch the Lazy CLI. If the code requires any user input, you will be prompted to provide it through the Lazy CLI.

Entering Input

For this template, there is no user input required through the CLI. All the game interactions are handled within the game's interface itself.

Using the App

After deployment, Lazy will provide you with a dedicated server link to access your Pacman game. Simply click on the link to open the game in your web browser. You can play the game using the arrow keys to move Pacman around the maze, eat dots, and avoid ghosts. The game will keep track of your score, and you can try to beat the high score each time you play!

Integrating the App

If you wish to integrate the Pacman game into your own website or another service, you can use the server link provided by Lazy. Simply embed the link as an iframe or link directly to the game from your site. If you need to customize the game further, you can modify the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files directly within the Lazy Builder interface.

Enjoy building and customizing your own version of the classic Pacman game with the Lazy platform!

Last published
April 7, 2024

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Create Your Own Pacman Game