Make Pong Game

 from flask import Flask, render_template
from import BaseApplication
from logging_config import configure_logging

app = Flask(__name__)

def pong_game():
    return render_template('pong.html')

class StandaloneApplication(BaseApplication):
    def __init__(self, app, options=None):
        self.application = app
        self.options = options or {}

    def load_config(self):
        config = {
            key: value
            for key, value in self.options.items()
            if key in self.cfg.settings and value is not None
        for key, value in config.items():
            self.cfg.set(key.lower(), value)

About this template

The template which allows to make a classic arcade game Pong, where players control paddles to hit a ball back and forth, aiming to prevent the ball from reaching their side of the screen. No need to learn Unity or Python to create the game. Made by BaranDev[]

Introduction to the Pong Game Template

Welcome to the Pong Game Template! This template allows you to create a classic arcade game where players control paddles to hit a ball back and forth. The objective is to prevent the ball from reaching your side of the screen while trying to score by getting the ball past your opponent's paddle. This template is perfect for builders looking to create a fun and interactive game without worrying about the complexities of coding from scratch or deployment issues.

Getting Started

To begin using this template, simply click on "Start with this Template" on the Lazy platform. This will pre-populate the code in the Lazy Builder interface, so you won't need to copy, paste, or delete any code.

Test: Pressing the Test Button

Once you have started with the template, you can press the "Test" button to begin the deployment of your Pong game application. The Lazy platform handles all the deployment processes, so you don't need to install any libraries or set up your environment.

Using the Pong Game

After pressing the "Test" button, Lazy will launch the game and provide you with a dedicated server link. Use this link to play the Pong game in your web browser. You can control the paddles using the W and S keys for the left paddle and the Up and Down arrow keys for the right paddle. The game interface is rendered on an HTML canvas, and you will see the score update in real-time as you play.

Integrating the App

If you wish to integrate this Pong game into an external website or tool, you can embed the provided server link into your site using an iframe or link directly to the game. Additionally, if you want to customize the game further, you can modify the JavaScript and HTML files within the Lazy Builder interface to suit your needs.

Enjoy building and playing your very own Pong game with the Lazy Pong Game Template!

Last published
April 7, 2024

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Make Pong Game