Make Your Own Tetris Game

 import os
from flask import Flask, render_template, jsonify
from import BaseApplication
from logging_config import configure_logging

app = Flask(__name__)

def root_route():
    background_url = os.environ.get('BACKGROUND_URL', '')
    return render_template('template.html', background_url=background_url)

def get_music_url():
    return {"url": os.environ.get('TETRIS_THEME_MP3_URL', '')}

def get_start_screen_music_url():
    return {"url": os.environ.get('START_SCREEN_MUSIC_URL', '')}

class StandaloneApplication(BaseApplication):
    def __init__(self, app, options=None):
        self.application = app
        self.options = options or {}

About this template

This application combines Flask for the backend with JavaScript for the frontend to create a Tetris game. The Tetris game logic is implemented in JavaScript, including functions for drawing the game board, handling player movements, and managing game mechanics such as scoring and piece rotation. The Flask backend serves the HTML template and provides endpoints for fetching URLs for background music and start screen music. The HTML template includes elements for displaying the Tetris game canvas, as well as buttons for starting the game and toggling music. Additionally, it allows users to adjust the volume of the background music using a range input. Made by BaranDev[]

Introduction to the Tetris Game Template

Welcome to the Tetris Game template! This template allows you to create a classic Tetris game with a modern twist. It features a start screen, a 'Start' button, a score display, a 'Toggle Music' button, a volume slider, and customizable background image and music. This article will guide you through the steps to set up and use this template on the Lazy platform.

Getting Started with the Template

To begin building your Tetris game, click on "Start with this Template" on the Lazy platform. This will pre-populate the code in the Lazy Builder interface, so you won't need to copy or paste any code manually.

Initial Setup

Before testing your app, you'll need to set up a few environment secrets in the Lazy Builder. These are not the same as environment variables in your operating system; they are specific to the Lazy platform and can be set in the Environment Secrets tab within the Lazy Builder.

You will need to set the following environment secrets:

  • BACKGROUND_URL: The URL of the background image you want to use for the game.
  • TETRIS_THEME_MP3_URL: The URL of the MP3 file for the Tetris theme music.
  • START_SCREEN_MUSIC_URL: The URL of the MP3 file for the start screen music.

To obtain these URLs, you can upload your desired images and MP3 files to a hosting service or use existing URLs from the web. Once you have the URLs, enter them as environment secrets in the Lazy Builder.

Test: Pressing the Test Button

After setting up the environment secrets, press the "Test" button on the Lazy platform. This will deploy your app and launch the Lazy CLI. If the code requires any user input, you will be prompted to provide it through the Lazy CLI.

Using the App

Once your app is deployed, you will be provided with a dedicated server link to play your Tetris game. The game interface includes a canvas where the Tetris blocks will fall, a score display, and controls to start the game, toggle the music, and adjust the volume.

To play the game, simply click the 'Start' button on the start screen. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the Tetris blocks left and right, rotate them, and speed up their descent. Your goal is to complete lines to score points and prevent the blocks from reaching the top of the canvas.

Integrating the App

If you wish to integrate this Tetris game into an external website or service, you can use the server link provided by Lazy after deployment. Embed the link in your website to allow users to access the game directly from your platform.

For further customization or integration, refer to the provided JavaScript files tetris.js and script.js. These files contain the game logic and music control functions, which you can modify to suit your needs.

Enjoy building and customizing your Tetris game on the Lazy platform!

Last published
June 15, 2024

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